Group Dog Walk

Group Dog Walk

45 to 60 mins
Monday to Friday we have 4 walking slots: Morning Walks (8-11am) Lunchtime Walks (11 am-2pm) Afternoon Walks (2-6pm) Evening Walks (6pm-10pm)VERY LIMITED The Walks We provide safe, enjoyable walks away from roads at local country parks. This way unnecessary travel time is kept to a minimum . Small groups of no more than 5 dogs per handler ensure each dog gets the attention they deserve. All dogs are assessed before joining our groups and are then assigned a pack on their individual requirements. Off-Lead Some dogs enjoy a good run around off lead during their walks. Once your dog has a permission slip signed and gets used to the walkers commands we can let them off lead in a safe area on their walks. If your dog needs recall training, we can teach them to 'come' on command even around other dogs during their walks!

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